like being in heaven

Dorit Haber-Levy, 2012-04-13

Hello my name is Dorit, I am from Israel.

I was so shocked to read that Nenad died.

I knew Nenad at 2001-2002 when I was visiting in Amsterdam and I met this beatiful person, and we had a very good life together. It was short but strong. I visited Amsterdam 4 times, each time for 5 days. It was like being in heaven, he teach me so many things about myself, he gave me a lots of presents, and he was very special guy, good and honest, beatiful from inside and from outside, and he is in my heart. He went to his new life and I went to my new life also. I knew that he had a son and and we stoped contact. Today I am married in happyness and I have two girls (Nenad knew about them) and one son.

I am sure that Nenad's son is special like his father. I wish him all the best and I am so sorry for him that he didn't have a lot of time knowing his beatifull father.

Thank you, Shalom.